Saturday, January 5, 2013

How To Get Your Ex To Come Back Three Methods

How To Get Your Ex To Come Back Three Methods

Aggressive Approach:

It is a fact that the aggressive approach is probably the one that most people are tempted to try right off the bat. When you are thinking about how to get your ex to come back, chances are very good that you've had thoughts of bursting into their home and either arguing with them or begging them to come back to you. This is the aggressive approach in your mind, but it's not exactly the aggressive approach that can work.

Your aggressive approach that can work best involves meeting your ex a lot at different social gatherings. You are going to need to act confident around them at all times and make it look as though you can take them or leave them. Be nice and courteous, but also make sure that they are well aware of the fact that you are talking to them because they are there, not because you are hung up on them. If executed correctly, the aggressive approach can bring a lot back for you, but it can also backfire immensely if you overdo it. It is the big risk for big reward scenario in this particular game.

Conservative Approach:

Honestly the conservative approach is the one that the fewest people think of naturally. This one has the lowest chance of success, but it also has the lowest chance of backfiring. That means that with the conservative approach, you still have a very good chance at remaining friends for life with your ex even if you don't get them back. If that is something that is of serious secondary importance to you, this is a method you might want to try out instead of the aggressive approach.

Your conservative approach essentially involves allowing things to happen organically. If you see them at parties you see them at parties. If you don't, it's also no big deal. When you do talk to them, you need to be honest about your feelings, but not to the point where you scare them away.

Just mention that you think about them still and that you still feel a connection with them. Less is more in this case. Think conservatively in all areas and you'll have a good idea of this approach. It will eventually place the ball in their court and that in the end is why it is the most successful; if you combine getting them back and keeping them as a friend as two successful outcomes.

Middle of The Road Approach

As should be obvious, learning how to get your ex to come back does have a middle of the road option. In this option, you start conservatively to give your ex time to get over the feelings that forced them to dump you. Once they have dulled those feelings and started to equalize them with the feelings that made them want you, ramping your strategy up to become more aggressive is what you should do over time. If you blow this approach though, you can lose them as a friend altogether just like with the aggressive approach.

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